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Michael Evans, RPLS, LSLS, can provide surveying services on state owned lands: vacancies, excess, patents, beds of navigable streams and coastal boundaries.

 Refinery and Plant Projects        

Monsanto Chemical Company - Chocolate Bayou, Texas

Plant Expansion involved layout of pipe racks, vessel foundations, plumbing of superstructures, etc.


Amerada Hess - Freeport, Texas

Establish control, layout piling and headers for ship dock


Shell Oil Refinery - Pasadena, Texas

Layout and as-built tank farm expansion and parking lots


Mobay Chemical Company - Baytown, Texas

Superintended and inspected the civil, piping and architectural portions of a $120 million plant expansion. Also, developed construction unit costs system for future estimating of construction services.

Harbor Island - Aransas Pass, Texas

Laid out offshore platform construction skidways, levees and dock bulkheads.

Commanche Peak Nuclear Plant - Glen Rose, Texas

Laid out pipe racks, pipe hangers, plating, Richmond inserts, building components and vessel foundations in the fuel, containment, and reactor buildings.

Georgia Pacific Paper Mill - Crossett, Arkansas

Set paper press machinery (working with millwrights). Laid out new facility.

Southwest Pipe - Houston, Texas

Laid out and worked with millwrights to precisely locate pipe bending equipment.


Cameron Iron Works - Jersey Village, Texas

Laid out new facility for handling pig iron and manufacturing processes.

Tenneco Soda Ash Refinery - Green River, Wyoming

Laid out new soda ash refinery at the mine site.

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